Aspidogyne argentea - Jewel Orchid - 50mm


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Aspidogyne argentea - Jewel Orchid - 50mm

Aspidogyne argentea from Venezuela, southeastern Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina, is a member of the Jewel Orchid family grown for the leaf pattern.

The flowers are typically small, white and insignificant. You will have to google the species.

Jewel Orchids usually grow on the bottom of the forest floor in leaf debris.

These make ideal terrarium plants as they like low light and damp but not wet conditions. They are also terrestrial.

The photo shows the batch available.

Limits of 2 per customer please.

Ideal conditions are

  • low light that is filtered, 
  • warm to hot humid locations
  • in a well drained mix that retains a little moisture, but doesn't become stale.