Den. insigne - 50mm


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Den. insigne - 50mm

On offer is this beautiful species from PNG and some of the Torres Strait islands in Australia nicknamed the splendid dendrobium.

Den. insigne can reach sizes from 25-60 cm and flowers all along the stem. Usually there is 2 fragrant flowers 2-5cm per inflorescence, and they are short lasting.

A well grown plant can numerous sets of flowers, and can flower many times in a year. Flowering is normally initiated by a sudden drop in temperature by about 6 degrees and occur about 9 days later.

It is the sole member of the section Dichopus.

Ideal conditions are

  • high light that is filtered, 
  • hot locations
  • in a well drained mix that dries before it is watered again.

They can be grown on a mount.