Den. leporinum - 50mm


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Den. leporinum - 50mm

Dendrobium leporinum is a warm growing species from Halmaheira Island in the Moluccas and the northern part of Western New Guinea.

The plants on offer are established in 50mm pots and relatively easy to grow once established. In the early stages they can be a bit tricky as each new growth leaps up and out, making the plant quickly grow out of the pot.

Dendrobium leporinum usually grows around 100cm tall, and flowers many times per year. 

They can have 4 to 7 flowers on an inflorescence but a flowering plant usually has many flowering inflorescences at the same time. The flowers are usually around 5-6cm. 

The colour of the flowers are delightful soft pinks with a veined labellum.

Ideal conditions are

  • medium to high light that is filtered, 
  • hot locations
  • in a well drained mix that dries before it is watered again.

They can be grown on a mount.