Den. Pink Lips x Nicha Natron - 50mm


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Den. Pink Lips x Nicha Natron - 50mm

These are antelope or spatulata type dendrobiums that will grow tall and have lots of flowers on a long raceme that are long lasting.

Den. Pink Lips x Nicha Natron are overdue to go up in pot size and will be offered for a limited time only.

Pink Lips is (nindii x taurinum)

Nicha Natron (tangerinum x sutiknoi)

Expect the plants to be tall with nindii influence, and the flowers with tall antlers from sutiknoi. Expecting pinks to oranges with twisting. Pink Lips will enhance the colour of the cross.


Ideal conditions are

  • medium to high light that is filtered, 
  • warm to hot locations
  • in a well drained mix that dries before it is watered again.

They can be grown on a mount.