Phal. deliciosa - 50mm


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Phal. deliciosa - 50mm

On offer is an established flowering size species Phalaenopsis deliciosa - The delicate Phalaenopsis. These are true miniature species ready to flower.

The habitat extends from Sri Lanka to northeast India, across Burma into China, southward through Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, and Malaya, and into the Philippines, Borneo, Sumatra, and Java

They are miniature growing and only reach 2cm from tip to tip. The flowers are just over 1 cm and can have many on an inflorescence. 

The flowers are one of the most fragrant of all the Phalaenopsis family and are about 8-9cm in delightful colours.

Ideal conditions are

  • low to medium light that is filtered, 
  • warm to hot locations
  • in a well drained mix that does not remain soggy.

They can be grown on a mount provided water and humidity is maintained.